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Media Services

We offer DVD/CD Duplication or Replication, USB drives, and Art work for the following formats:

CD Rom
  • Dual Disc – CD on one side,
                    DVD-5 on the other
  • CDR/DVDR Media

    USB Drives
  • 500MB to 32GB
    DVD Rom
  • Flex Disc (DVD-5)
  • DVD-5 - A one-sided single layer disc that can hold up 4.38 gigabytes of data.
  • DVD-9 - A one-sided two layer disc that can hold up to 7.95 gigabytes of data.
  • DVD-10 - A two-sided disc that can hold up to 8.75 gigabytes of data.

    Photo Gallery:

    DVD Jan-Ove Waldner
    Dual DVD
    DVD Christy
    Amaray Packaging
    DVD Gonzaga
    Flex Disc
    USB Drives
    USB Drive

    CD Dunwoody
    DVD-ROM Packaging
    DVD Law of Attraction and EFT
    Quad DVD
    CD Biblioteca
    Software Packaging